IGNITION is a collaborative art & camping experiment.  We want individuals to bring their individual creative visions and talents to share with the community and we’re making a proactive effort to encourage and facilitate big, weird, highly interactive and collaborative art!

IGNITION is a Leave No Trace Event.  What does that mean?

With the help and support of our dear friends the Swamp Fuckits, we have conceived of a plan to make IGNITION: Key to the Cosmos a Leave No Trace Event. It’s something we already make a big effort to do in the Chewbacchus Parade and we’re bringing this ethos to IGNITION.

What does LNT mean? It’s simple: if you pack it in, pack it out.
Why? Being conscious about how you dispose of trash isnt just a Green Effort. This enhanced awareness ripples out into your care for EVERYTHING around you and makes you a little more conscious in all of your interactions and behaviors. Its a neat trick 🙂

Where is IGNTION?

IGNITION will take place in a hidden oasis in New Orleans East near the Industrial Canal approximately 15 minutes from downtown. The site covers several acres of grassy fields with plenty of shade trees, a walking path, a pond and a natural amphitheater. Google Map to Ignition Festival location

What are the dates of the event?

Spring 2017

Is there a musical lineup or schedule?

IGNITION features several sound camps and multiple DJs and musicians will be performing. Its an open and evolving scenario. The large pieces of Fire Art will be burned on a pre-determined schedule coordinated with the local Fire Department.

Are children allowed?

IGNITION is an 18+ event.

Can I buy tickets at the gate?

Yes. But tickets are limited and pre-orders receive a price break.

What are the hours of the gate?

The gates will be open from 10am – 10pm Thursday – Saturday.

I can’t attend for all 4 days. Is this an issue? Are day passes available?

We have Thursday, Friday & Saturday tickets. We also have Friday & Saturday tickets. And we even have Saturday single day tickets. All tickets allow you to camp overnight. IGNITION Festival ends sometime in the wee hours of Sunday, November 13th and we’ll all pack and head back into the world then.

If I am buying a single day ticket for just Saturday can I camp at IGNITION on Saturday night into Sunday?

Yes you can.

What should I bring?

IGNITION is a collaborative camping experiment. It’s a magical camping trip with a couple thousand of your closest friends (you might just not know them yet). You should coordinate all the necessary items so that you have a place to sleep, you have places to cook, coolers, food, and water. If you are camping alone, you will need to bring all equipment, food and water necessary for the time that you are there. While there will be food vendors selling food during certain hours of the festival, you want to make sure you have everything you will need to be comfortable, so plan to bring some food for late nights and early mornings.

Can I build my own campfire and burn whatever I want?

There is a designated zone for campfires at the festival. Please do not burn any toxic materials of any kind including foam, plastics, treated lumber or solvents.

Are there prohibited items?

YES! You MAY NOT bring the following items into the Festival area:

  • NO Illegal Drugs
  • NO Fireworks or Sparklers
  • NO Glass Bottles or Containers
  • NO Weapons, Knives, or Sharp Objects
  • NO Projectiles or Explosives
  • NO Prescription Drugs unless you carry a valid prescription with your name clearly listed on the prescription, in its original container, and the amount of medication is limited to the dosage required for the duration of the Event
  • NO Unsealed over the counter medications/vitamins
  • NO Tailgating in Parking Lots
  • NO Flyers, Stickers, Posters
  • NO Drones of any kind
  • NO Laser Pointers
  • NO Animals (with the exception of service animals and small horses pre-approved by Ignition). No stuffed animals either.
  • NO Bicycles, Skateboards, Scooters, or personal motorized vehicles unless an ADA approved device.
  • NO Squirt Guns, Toy Guns, or anything else that resembles a weapon
  • NO Paint, Sharpies, or Permanent Markers — Leave that stuff to the graffiti artists!
  • NO Flammable products or aerosol cans
  • NO Unauthorized or Unlicensed Vending
  • NO Products that are being used or may be used for an unintended purpose that could be hazardous to your health or others
  • The pond is home to an alligator. DO NOT swim in it.

Can I purchase food and beverages at the festival?

We carefully curate the food and drinks that are available at the festival. You must be 21+ to purchase Alcoholic beverages with a valid ID.

Will there be water available?

No, there is no potable water available. Plan to bring your own water supplies.

Will there be showers available?

We can’t guarantee traditional private shower facilities. There are rumors of a “Rain Machine” that may show up. YOU are encouraged to bring a solar camp shower of your own!

Is there parking available?

We have a limited amount of parking available on a first come, first serve basis.

Can I camp next to my car?

We cannot allow you to camp in the parking lot. We don’t want you to get run over. Besides it’s asphalt. We have a beautiful grassy camping area for you to camp in near all the fun stuff.

Can I bring an RV?

We have a limited number of spots for RVs and Camper Trailers that you can reserve for $50. Please coordinate this well ahead of time. These spots will sell out quickly.

What sort of electricity and hookups are available?

There is no electricity or hookups of any kind at IGNITION. Bring your own generator and whatever you need to power your party.

Can I bring my dog?

Pets are not allowed for their own safety.

Are there toilets?

There will be clean port-o-lets on site.

How will trash be handled at IGNITION?

We encourage you to follow a “Leave No Trace” ethos. Pack it in. Pack it out. We are taking a variety of measures to mitigate waste generated by the event. Here are a few tips:

  • Bring a cup for beer, coffee, etc.
  • Bring your own plates and silverware.
  • For cigarettes bring a Altoids tin to keep your ashes and butts in.
  • Before you come, remove excess packaging from food and drinks.

Can I create my own Camp?

Yes you can! Please submit the Theme Camp & Art Installation Application.

Can I bring an Art Installation to IGNITION?

Yes! We want your art at Ignition. Just let us know what you are bringing by completing the appropriate application.

Are you inviting vending of any sort on the site?

We carefully curate all vending and sponsorship for IGNITION.

I have a question that wasn’t answered in this FAQ?