Plan ahead! Start your LNT (“Leave No Trace”) efforts before you arrive at Ignition!

  • BYOC: bring an easy-to-carry cup to use at places offering beverages. Beer will be priced so that people with their own cup will receive a discount.
  • Bring a garbage bag and a recycling bag. Please do your best to split your garbage and your recycling. We’d like for you to pack out your recycling and put it in your bin at home as this will be the most efficient way to assure it gets to a recycling center. Please pack your personal garbage out as well. It will be helpful if everyone does their part.
  • Don’t bring glass containers of any kind — they can shatter. Metal bottles and plates work well.
  • Don’t bring disposable plastic bottles, bring 5 gallon collapsible or other large water containers and refillable water bottles — less to bring home!
  • Remove all excess packaging from everything (food, supplies, tools) before you pack it.
  • Smokers: use a portable ashtray (a mint tin works well) to collect cigarette butts and ashes (yes, ash is trash!). NEVER drop butts on the ground.
  • Don’t bring loose glitter, feather boas, Astroturf, styrofoam coolers, plastic bags, paper, string, disposable drink cups, hay bales, straw, gravel — or anything else that can blow away in the wind or turn into a mess.

Preventing Litter

  • Never let it hit the ground! Trash multiplies like tribbles. If you see trash on the ground at Ignition, pick it up and take it with you — you won’t see it later as layers of dust accumulate.
  • Sort your trash and recycling so you can pack out your recycling (and hopefully your trash), therefore creating less trash for the Ignition dumpster.
  • Weight it down! Put a weight on or tie down anything that can blow away.
  • If it wasn’t in your body, don’t put it in the potty! No tampons, trash, cigarette butts, etc. One ply toilet paper ONLY.
  • Be Proactive. If you find an empty cup or bottle or any other trash on the ground, put it in your pocket for the nearest garbage or recycling station.

Before You Leave

  • Line-sweep your camp. Walk shoulder-to-shoulder with your campmates and clean your campsite in a grid pattern. Pick up EVERYTHING.
  • Secure and cover your load! Pack carefully and make sure your trash and other items do not litter our highways on your ride home.