About IGNITION Festival

IGNITION is a festival of Art, Music, Camping and Love set in a uniquely beautiful green space tucked away near the Industrial Canal in New Orleans East. This collaborative camping experience will take place November 10th-13th, 2016 and features a vast array of interactive art installations, sound stages and theme camps.

Bring your cooler, your tent and your creativity! IGNITION is a totally immersive art experience that is curated by its participants. Everyone who attends the event has the same opportunity to bring along whatever their heart desires for the same universal ticket price. YOU are encouraged to bring interactive art and amazing experiences to share with your fellow campers.

The inaugural IGNITION Festival was a mind blowing experience filled with magic moments. On the heels of this unprecedented success, we’ve doubled the size of the camping area and are expanding the footprint to accommodate even more interactive art installations, theme camps and large-scale sculptures that will be ritually immolated during the event.

The theme of the second annual IGNITION Festival is “Key to the Cosmos”. We are exploring the theme of Cosmic Synchronicity. What is humankind’s place on planet Earth and what is our destiny in the Stars? Why are we here and where are we going? All will be Illuminated.

IGNITION: Key to the Cosmos will feature a 42 foot tall Pyramid that will burn spectacularly at the climax of the festivities on Saturday, November 12th. We are also accepting proposals for additional large-scale pieces of Fire Art. If you have an amazing idea let us know!

This event is a benefit for the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus Inc. 501(c)3, NOLA’s beloved Science Fiction and Fantasy themed carnival organization and Satirical Space Cult.

If you are bringing interactive art, a public installation, a sound camp, or anything big, loud or amazing in general, please fill out the appropriate application and let us know about it so we can optimize your placement for the benefit of everyone. A limited number of Art Grants are available to help support your contribution to the festival.