Ignition Festival:Key to the Cosmos. New Orleans. November 10th-13

IGNITION IS POSTPONED UNTIL SPRING OF 2017. Please check back soon for updates.

The inaugural year of IGNITION was a beautiful experience. An inspired cross section of New Orleans’ finest Freaks and Geeks brought their A-game in the form of strange and wonderful art. We all camped together in a veritable industrial oasis in New Orleans East and immolated a three story tall six-armed Sacred Drunken Wookiee in flaming glory.

The success of our first year brought some challenges with it and it has become necessary to move locations for IGNITION: “Key to the Cosmos” and postpone the 2nd incarnation of the festival until Spring of 2017.

Here is the statement from the City of New Orleans:

“After working with this event’s organizer, we were unable to identify a suitable location within New Orleans city limits that could safely accommodate a fire event of this type and scale without putting the public at risk or straining the City’s public safety resources. We wish the organizer best of luck in finding another location to hold this event.”

To this end, we are surveying several unique sites just outside the city and are actively working through the logistics and permitting required to pull off the next IGNITION in a location that can accommodate it safely. Changing the site takes time and we will announce the new date as soon as possible. We are looking at locations that offer expanded opportunities and we can’t wait to share what we find with you!


A limited number of Art Grants are available to help support YOUR contribution to the festival. If you have an amazing idea let us know and we’ll do our best to connect you with funding and material support. We are also accepting proposals for additional large-scale pieces of Fire Art at IGNITION: Key to the Cosmos.

YOU are encouraged to bring interactive art, music and amazing experiences to share with your fellow campers. IGNITION is an “LNT” (Leave No Trace) event. Learn more about LNT Camping at IGNITION.

You have questions – we have answers! Find out everything you need to know about IGNITION Festival!

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